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Patient Testimonials

  • After falling while on vacation and fracturing my wrist, I was not happy with my progress after surgery. I really did not believe that I would be able to gain back my range of motion and grip strength, but Jessica encouraged me. Within three weeks I had experienced tremendous improvement.

    Thank you, Jessica and Progressive Physical Therapy. I really appreciate the help and feel that I will be able to continue on my own.

    Donnita B, Seymour Patient

  • I came here with shoulder pain. I couldn’t lift anything with my right arm. Now, with the therapy I have done, I can do my normal things. Thank you!

    Heather P, Columbus Patient

  • I would like to thank Jessica for all her help with my therapy. After one month of three sessions per week, I am going back to work. My core is stronger, I am more flexible, and my balance is better. Also, thanks to Meranda for scheduling my appointments for my convenience.

    Brad R, Seymour Patient

  • I had been suffering with vertigo for approximately four weeks. Exercises my family physician gave me to do at home did not improve the vertigo at all! After one treatment from Dawn, it was basically gone. After three treatments, I was feeling close to 100%. Dawn and Ashley are the best! I will recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to everyone!

    Linda R, Columbus Patient

  • I had surgery on my shoulder and came here for rehabilitation. The staff here is wonderful. Dawn developed a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to my needs. She explained everything very well and listened and addressed any concerns I had. My range of motion has improved significantly and I am practically pain free at this point. I would choose Progressive Physical Therapy again should I ever have a need in the future.

    Sherry S, Columbus Patient

  • The complete staff of Progressive Physical Therapy has been a village getting me back to a functional life after a complete tear of the rotator cuff muscle. Each day I was greeted with a smile, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Jes’ confidence in my recovery helped me from the very beginning when I couldn’t lift my arm and was experiencing pain with every motion of it. Jes is a wonderful and knowledgeable Physical Therapist that explained what was going on during therapy. She was patient, encouraging, and pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Without her, I would not be where I am today. Going from not being able to lift my arm to putting items on a shelf has helped me regain my life.

    Although I had some other medical setbacks, Jes always remained positive and focused. What I appreciated most was the feeling of genuine concern for my well-being and sincere desire to help me. I greatly appreciate Jes’ manner in which she motivated me to overcome my pain and limitations. I truly appreciated her patience at times when I was frustrated, and for being there when needed. She calmed my nerves and made me laugh when I was anxious and down.

    I am feeling stronger every day now. I was given great instruction in all of the home exercises I now do to continue a positive experience toward recovery. Sincere and humble thanks for giving me back my life.

    Nina V, Seymour Patient

  • Before my knee arthroscopy, I could not walk my dog or go upstairs unaided. I can now resume all normal activities. My dog and I are both happy! Thank you Dawn, Mark, and Ashley!

    Juli J, Columbus Patient

  • Before Physical Therapy, I could not move my left hip. I had to use a walker. Thanks to Progressive Physical Therapy, I am back to work, and I can walk part time with a cane. I have zero pain now in the hip. I have nothing but the highest praise for Erin, Mark, and Sherry. I feel more like family than a patient. I will recommend you to everybody that needs Physical Therapy.

    Lee B, Greensburg Patient

  • Dawn and Mark are wonderful people. They were so helpful. Before I started Physical Therapy, it hurt my back to sit for periods of time. I couldn’t lift anything more than 10 pounds. Since I started Physical Therapy, I can sit without pain, walk without pain, and bend without pain. Thank you Dawn and Mark!

    Stacy C, Columbus Patient

  • I had trouble kneeling, squatting, and bending. Now, I can do that! I love it here. They were so sweet and respectful. They helped me get better and back on my feet! I love the support here, it’s graceful and they are sweet, amazing, wonderful people here. I would recommend coming here. It has a great atmosphere, amazing therapists, and a wonderful receptionist! They give you a whole set schedule of when to come in, and that makes my schedule easier! They allowed me to get better and back on my feet!

    Tessa D, Columbus Patient

  • Before starting Physical Therapy, normal daily routines would cause me to have pain and discomfort. After a few weeks of therapy, and with the help from the great therapists here, I can now get back to doing normal activities without any pain.

    Ashley G, Columbus Patient

  • I wasn’t able to walk on my own because of being in the hospital for almost two months. Jessica listened to me and encouraged me. I was able to go back to work sooner than I expected. People were amazed at how quickly I was able to get back to work. I feel stronger than I was before. My wife said she was the best and I have to agree. The office staff worked well with Dr. Kilpatrick so I didn’t miss any time in between therapy sessions. I would recommend them if you need the best in PT. Thank you again for helping me get back to work in record time.

    Jonathan R, Seymour Patient

  • Before Physical Therapy I could barely sit, walk, run, or bend for more than 20 minutes. Now, I am able to do all of these with little to no pain. My experience here was phenomenal. I can’t thank these ladies enough!

    Caitlyn C, Seymour Patient

  • Because of Physical Therapy, I can now do most normal things I did before with my left arm. Initially, movement with my left arm was very restricted. The therapists were very helpful in encouraging and pushing me to further healing. The office staff was always cordial in changing appointments when necessary. This is a good place to come to!

    Dan K, Seymour Patient

  • I had trouble with my foot and my shoulder. I can now walk without pain, and my shoulder is better.

    Carolyn H, Columbus Patient

  • I came to Physical Therapy after being injured in defensive tactics training. At first I didn’t think I needed PT, but realizing I was having issues just reaching overhead, or lifting everyday items, I agreed I needed it. I found that the sessions relieved any pain I was in, and eventually I noticed I was starting to feel normal when I wasn’t exerting myself. My condition has greatly improved and continues to get better due to my sessions here.

    Jim S, Columbus Patient

  • Because of Physical Therapy I can do my regular everyday tasks with minimal or no pain. I still have some pain in my hands due to arthritis, but the paraffin wax treatments seem to help tremendously. Thanks for all of your help!

    Jacqueline K, Columbus Patient

  • It seems my pain had been slowly getting worse over time, and I was compensating by leaning to the right side to protect the pain in my hip and back. The pain finally gets to the point where you can’t sit or stand without being in pain. Thanks to Physical Therapy, I’m doing so much better. I feel taller because I can stand straight again. I’m able to do my housework without pain. Getting in and out of the car is so much better. My doctor was so happy with my progress; she recommends that I continue with the exercises Erin has given me for life. Thank you Progressive!

    Barb P, Greensburg Patient

  • I feel better after six weeks of Therapy. My posture, my pain, and my balance are better. The staff has been very helpful and kind.

    June S, Columbus Patient

  • I had complete shoulder replacement four months ago due to arthritis. I came back to Progressive Physical Therapy because I have had Dawn help me with other problems very successfully in the past. I was very unsure about what would be the requirements of therapy for my shoulder. Dawn was very patient and helpful with all of the various stages of my recovery. I credit her with keeping me on track for this. She was my cheerleader and gave me the courage to follow through with all of the therapy. I feel confident that I can follow through after my release. Thank you so much for a good experience.

    Ardus S, Columbus Patient

  • I am a police officer and severed a nerve in my dominate hand. I had surgery to repair the nerve and my hand was immobilized for six weeks after the surgery. Once I was allowed to use my hand again, I was unable to return to duty due to the lack of strength and mobility.

    Thanks to Jessica and the staff at Progressive Physical Therapy, I have surpassed the recovery expectations of my doctor. I am now back to duty. I am also able to resume my hobbies like playing guitar, golf, and going back to the gym.

    Tyson E, Seymour Patient

  • My experience here at Progressive has been wonderful. Before I couldn’t bend over, squat, or kneel. But after doing the exercises, I have my movement back. Thank you!

    Parker W, Columbus Patient

  • I was having difficulty walking and pain with all activities. I could not sleep at night due to the throbbing pain in my hip. After only eight therapy sessions, the pain has been cut in half. I am able to do daily activities again. I will be returning to Taekwondo and running again soon. Thank you!

    Nikita S, Columbus Patient

  • Because of Physical Therapy I can perform my normal job functions with no issues. I can’t thank the whole staff enough. They are true professionals.

    Whitey S, Seymour Patient

  • Knowing I need a knee replacement and have weak hips and core, I wanted to get stronger and improve my back pain. I feel my core getting stronger, which will continue to help my back issues. The therapist also gave me exercises that will strengthen my legs, so recovery will be better after I have knee surgery. I look forward to getting stronger so I don’t have to always think about the activities I’m going to be able to participate in.

    Kimberly V, Columbus Patient

  • When I first walked into Progressive Physical Therapy, I was hanging on to my sister’s arm. I couldn’t walk by myself. I couldn’t balance myself. I was dizzy, terribly confused from a brain injury, not able to stand the lights, couldn’t do stairs by myself without falling, no driving, couldn’t walk by myself, and couldn’t turn my head. Now I’m driving, I’m walking by myself, laughing again, and balancing on my leg by myself.

    Erin was so supportive through all of my crying spells, because I couldn’t talk to get out my thoughts. Her neck therapy was wonderful. I appreciate all she has done for me. Thank you Erin and Sherry!

    Kat M, Greensburg Patient

  • I came to Progressive Physical Therapy for therapy on my knees. I had trouble walking and getting up and down stairs. I felt very comfortable working with Erin and Mark. I was surprised how much they were dedicated to my physical therapy!

    At the end of my therapy, I was able to walk and use stairs. Erin and Mark also answered all of my questions. Progressive Physical Therapy is a great place to go for physical therapy. Staff was EXCELLENT!

    John H, Greensburg Patient

  • I’d like to give a big “Thank You” to Meranda, Jessica, and Mark. Great facility and very neighborly attitudes! I had shoulder surgery (labrum tear). It was amazing how professional they were with me and my injury. They brought me up to speed and I’m healthy again! Thanks again!

    James R, Seymour Patient

  • My experience here was great! My physical therapy went very fast! Dawn, my physical therapist, was very helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Thank you for everything!

    Jim R, Columbus Patient

  • I had been to a doctor previously and in pain for two weeks. The doctor wrote a prescription for physical therapy. I requested to come to Progressive Physical Therapy.

    I came to physical therapy on June 3, 2016 due to low back/hip pain and left leg pain. It hurt to walk and move around. Since attending physical therapy for 7 visits, I can do things with my son which includes hiking, playing soccer, and playing in the lake while supporting him. I can now also do simple things such as sitting in a car for extended periods of time. If the pain were to return, I now know what exercises to do! Thank you!

    Heidi S, Seymour Patient

  • Before physical therapy, I hurt very badly when I walked. Now I can walk and do not have as much pain. I could not go upstairs without pain, now I can go upstairs normally and without pain. I can bend and do my housework more easily. Thank you Dawn and Mark for your help.

    Earnestine H, Columbus Patient

  • Before I came to Progressive Physical Therapy, I was having difficulty walking without pain in my left hip. Erin said it was my Sciatica and assured me she could help, but that it would take time. With physical therapy and specific exercises, I am able to walk without pain. Thank you Progressive Physical Therapy!

    Diann J, Greensburg Patient

  • Physical Therapy gets you through the hard times, so you can reach your goals!

    David L, Columbus Patient

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Progressive Physical Therapy twice now, due to having foot surgery, and they have been great to work with. Without their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would definitely come back again. They are always so positive and helpful.

    Thank you all for your help. You all have been amazing. I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you!

    Cassie B, Seymour Patient

  • Even though I never thought I would have to go to physical therapy, it has been a great experience. Before I came to Progressive Physical Therapy, I was afraid to bend my leg and I walked like I had a “peg” leg. Since attending physical therapy, I have made huge improvements thanks to Erin. My leg is basically back to normal and so is my confidence.

    Although I am happy that my leg is back to normal, I will miss everyone at Progressive Physical Therapy!

    Brianna S, Greensburg Patient

  • Well as I sit here during my lunch break, I want to take the time to thank two special ladies, Sherry & Erin. These two brought me joy coming to physical therapy. I was really doubting myself on this journey but Erin kept pushing me to go. Sherry, what can I say, when I walk in she automatically puts a smile on my face. She is such a wonderful person. I am really going to miss these two ladies. I may shed a tear because this is my last day of physical therapy.

    Thank you…we had one heck of a ride!

    Adam M, Greensburg Patient

  • I am a prior patient and had very positive results from physical therapy. The positive results are why I chose Progressive Physical Therapy again.

    I came this time with symptoms of constant pain in my hip and front thigh along with poor balance. I am very pleased with the results of my sessions with Dawn. She is very patient and understanding of my problem. The exercise program that was used worked very well towards giving me relief from the pain. The exercises were very easy for me to follow-up with at home. Physical therapy has made my daily activities much easier to do.

    I highly recommend Progressive Physical Therapy!

    Ardus S, Columbus Patient

  • I had a total knee replacement done and Progressive Physical Therapy helped me get to where I can walk again and get back on my feet!

    Progressive Physical Therapy is the best place to do Physical Therapy. Everyone here is very nice and great to work with.

    Billie W, Columbus Patient

  • I injured my right hip in the military in 2012. After excessive pain for 5 years, I had surgery to repair the torn labrum. I couldn’t hold my baby, get dressed on my own, or walk without crutches for over a month. I had to stop running for a year before surgery. I can now play with my kids again, work out, and hike. I feel like I have my life back.

    Carissa M, Seymour Patient

  • When I started therapy, my arm was numb and painful. I had trouble doing my job. I couldn’t grip or lift. Now, I can do everything. I have enjoyed this experience. Working with Erin and Mark, they taught me what I needed to do to get the use of my arm back. Sherry is amazing. She is patient with me being late. I appreciate all of the care and help. Thank all of you!

    Carla, Greensburg Patient

  • I’ve never had an injury that required physical therapy until I fell off of a ladder and tore my ACL. When I first started coming to see Dawn I was using crutches, and then a brace. Soon after starting my PT, I was able to start walking independently and felt stronger and more sure-footed after each week. Friends and family were really impressed with how quickly I was progressing. When I would mention to people that I was going through PT, they would get the “yuck” look and I could honestly say, “No, it’s been great!” I’m sure that my situation would have been entirely different had I not chosen to rehab my injury with PT, and they’ve given me the tools to continue on my own at home.

    Chris B, Columbus Patient

  • Before therapy I could not sleep with the pain I had in my arm. With all the weight exercise, it does not bother me anymore. I could not stick my hand in my pocket without pain. Now, it does not hurt at all. I am doing great and pain free.

    Christine E, Columbus Patient

  • It’s been a wonderful experience from the first day I walked in. Everyone is so nice and professional. I have vertigo and migraines and I wasn’t able to do much, except I was good at walking into walls. I loved to garden, and wasn’t able to do that anymore. I came for VRT with the hope of just being able to do normal things around the house like laundry, dishes, and maybe someday being able to go back to work. Jessica showed me she really cared about me by treating me physically and emotionally. It was a long, hard struggle, but after working with Jessica for a few years I can do things around the house, plus, on a good day I can even drive to the store and take care of my small garden out front in the flower bed. I may not be able to work, but Jessica helped me get some of my life back and I’m very grateful to her and happy I came here. Now, once a week for a few months out of the year, I come back for my yearly tune-up (that’s what Jes calls it). I recommend coming here to anyone I know who has to have therapy. In fact, recently my husband had to have therapy and I knew exactly where he was going, to the best place I know. They care about the whole person. Thank you Jessica for giving me a lot of my life back!

    Deborah R, Seymour Patient

  • I knew I was in for a long haul when my orthopedic surgeon said it would take over 18 months for my knee to heal after surgery. Having torn my quadriceps tendon from my knee cap, I was actually looking forward to getting back to some sense of normalcy. Not being able to run, jump, climb stairs, or bend my knee, caused me to miss out on most of the activities that I enjoy during the summer of 2015. Actually, pretty much all of my physical activity was halted due to the injury.

    After surgery I had to find a physical therapy center to start my recovery. There were many options to choose from so I started out on the internet and looked at all of my options. I chose Progressive Physical Therapy because it wasn’t a “chain” business. After reading the history of the business and how long they had been in business, I was convinced this was right place for me. I was right!

    I started out with 3 visits per week and eventually was able to get down to 1 visit per week. Dawn was my primary therapist and Mark helped me out on several visits as well. After my first couple of visits I wondered what I had gotten into! However, as I researched the techniques and procedures they were utilizing, I realized I was on my way to recovery. Great words from the surgeon indicated that I was progressing and rehabilitating ahead of schedule.

    I would just like to take the opportunity to once again thank Dawn and Mark for their great professionalism and encouragement during my 7 months with them. I had a difficult injury to recover from and their positive attitudes and explanations helped me get through it all. They took my healing and progress personally and had just as much interest in seeing me succeed as I did. That means a lot when they support you in that manner!

    Scheduling appointments was very easy and the front office staff was very courteous, professional and friendly. I would recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to EVERYONE needing PT and will definitely use them in the future should the need ever arise.

    Duane R, Columbus Patient

  • I had almost no activity because of my back pain before I came to see Dawn. Now I am pretty much back to my normal active self. Dawn has helped me learn the proper exercises and stretches to get back on track! Just bending was a problem. Today I feel so much better after my visits with Dawn! Thank you, Dawn! And I will definitely be back if my back goes out again!

    Beth M, Columbus Patient

  • This was my first surgery, and I did not know what I was getting into. I was not even able to put weight on my leg by the time I came to Progressive Physical Therapy, P.C., but Dawn and I quickly got to work and she had the attitude I needed – work hard now and recover quickly! Sure enough, here I am 14 weeks after surgery feeling almost 100%! Dawn was the right combination of supportive, kind, and committed to even get me to have the strength to climb/hike Machu Picchu by week 12! I will always remember this place and smile, because now I can go back to my favorite sports, thanks to Progressive Physical Therapy!

    Ilio G, Columbus Patient

  • I have always been very athletic and on the go, so after tearing my ACL I struggled to learn to trust my leg. Erin gave me the confidence before the surgery to strengthen my muscles and make life a little easier. But the big shock came after my ACL replacement; because of our hard work before, recovery was so much easier. I knew what to expect and felt confident on my leg to push the rehab. I cannot thank the team at Progressive Physical Therapy enough for giving me my confidence and active life back! I never thought I would be in a position where I had to “learn to walk”, but I am glad I had such great support.

    I recently went to my favorite hiking spot, the Great Smoky Mountains, and hike 15+ miles over 4 major trails only 3 ½ months after my surgery. I walked up the mountain with confidence and walked down smiling. Thank you Progressive Physical Therapy!

    Jennifer R, Greensburg Patient

  • Erin and Sherry rock!!

    Jessica F, Greensburg Patient

  • My experience was excellent. I had quality care with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. My therapy was centered around pain in my right foot and trouble walking correctly. The staff worked with me to improve my walking and relieve my pain. At the end of my therapy, I had improvement and could proceed with at home care for my issues. I highly recommend Progressive Physical Therapy.

    JoAnne O, Columbus Patient

  • On September 9, 2016, a truck hit me at work. I went to my family doctor who sent me for therapy in the town where I live. After 8 weeks, my shoulder still was unusable. I was then sent for therapy here at Progressive Physical Therapy. Thanks to Progressive Physical Therapy, my shoulder is good as new!

    John S, Seymour Patient

  • Due to a shoulder injury, I was blessed with the opportunity to receive treatment at Progressive Physical Therapy. I received treatment both before and after surgery, which helped me get back to work in a timely manner. Most importantly, I can now care for my one year old son, whom I’ve had to care for from a distance. I can now enjoy his giggles and laughter as I toss him in the air, thanks to the staff at Progressive Physical Therapy. My family and I appreciate the care you have provided.

    Joseph B, Seymour Patient

  • In November of 2016 I had a total knee replacement, and there was no question about where I would get my physical therapy: Progressive!

    Dawn and Mark were very patient with me after my surgery. They started working on flexibility and strength building, and in a few weeks I felt like I had exceeded my own expectations. In 10 weeks, I am totally pain free and am mostly back to normal. Thanks!

    Martha W, Columbus Patient

  • Thanks to Erin & Mark I feel normal again! It has been a long time since my shoulder has felt this good. They have taught me how important it is to have good posture. Before therapy, I could hardly use my right arm and that is not fun when you are right handed. Now that I have had surgery and completed my therapy, I can do a lot more without any pain!

    Thank you for everything!
    Yay! I am healed!

    Melissa J, Greensburg Patient

  • I took a bad fall at work and had damage to my right arm. Erin made physical therapy enjoyable and brought my arm back to where it is supposed to be. I can return to work and get back to water kayaking.

    Erin, Mark, and the Office Manager, Sherry have all made coming in very pleasant and helpful. Thank you!

    Nancy S, Greensburg Patient

  • After I had surgery on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff and torn muscle, I could not hardly move my arm. But after a few physical therapy treatments, I had more and more mobility in my arm. Now that I am done with therapy and healing, I have most of my mobility back and will continue with my exercises at home.

    I would recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to anyone that needs help. I would like to thank all of the staff at Progressive Physical Therapy for their help and support!

    Roberta B, Seymour Patient

  • When I was first starting therapy at Progressive, I had a pain in the muscle above my right knee. The therapists that I worked with explained my issue and also explained the purpose of the therapy activities being used. After nine sessions my issue has been resolved. I have exercises that I will continue to do at home.

    Everyone that I have had contact with at Progressive Physical Therapy has been very nice and professional.

    Susan N, Columbus Patient

  • I started physical therapy the first time in 2016 for my wrist, and my shoulder and wrist in 2017. I worked with mainly Dawn and saw Mark on occasion. Between the both of them, we are slowly getting better. The pain has decreased, and movement and strength are getting better. I went from barely lifting my right arm up and not being able to sleep on that side, to now being able to lift my hand above my shoulder with minimal pain. Before, my wrist and shoulder were causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Now, pain is mostly tolerable, two surgeries later and physical therapy.

    Thanks to Dawn and Mark for everything you do! You’re the best!

    Shelbey A, Columbus Patient

  • After breaking my humerus and having surgery to repair it, I could do basically nothing. I could not drive or bathe or dress myself. I had to sleep in the recliner. Thanks to Jessica and the staff at Progressive Physical Therapy, I am almost back to normal. They brought me back slowly, but steadily without much pain. I still have some work to do at home, but I am determined to get back to 100%

    Sherida F, Seymour Patient

  • I was having difficulty walking after surgery but Erin put me in the right direction with my therapy! After my therapy, I can now travel for softball like I did before I got hurt!!

    I want to THANK both Erin & Mark!

    Todd C, Greensburg Patient

  • When I started therapy I was having trouble doing daily things like bending and lifting. I couldn’t even do my job. After I started coming here I could tell that I was going to get the help I needed. Now I am almost completely back to normal and I can’t thank you all enough!

    Trisha Z, Greensburg Patient

  • At age 62 and really injured for the first time in my life, I did not know what to expect when I was advised to go to physical therapy. My first contact here was Ashley who helped me in explaining the process and making my appointments. Once here, I began working with Dawn & Mark and they quickly put all my fears at rest and encouraged me through my recovery. Thanks to both of them, I feel now I can resume most of my normal activities.

    Hopefully I will not require future physical therapy needs but if I do, I will certainly know who I can count on during my recovery and will recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to others.

    Ron M, Columbus Patient

  • After struggling with increasing loss of range of motion in my right shoulder, I was referred to Progressive Physical Therapy to see if therapy would help with my issue without having surgery! Unfortunately, that was not the case – surgery, then Physical Therapy afterwards fixed my right shoulder right up!! After a MRI on my left shoulder, we discovered the same problem as my right shoulder. Again, shoulder surgery and now finishing round…. I think I have lost count…. of Physical Therapy.

    Erin, Sherry, and Mark are an AWESOME, caring, knowledgeable and supportive group of professionals. My experience here has gone way too fast and I will miss my visits but I’m thankful to be back at 100% again!!

    Susan H, Greensburg Patient

  • I want to thank Erin & Mark for all their help after my surgery on my hip. My bursa sac had ruptured and I was in a lot of pain. I started doing physical therapy four days after my surgery. After four weeks of physical therapy, I’m feeling great! I am ready to get back on track and start doing things I haven’t been able to do for a while.

    Rita C, Greensburg Patient

  • My experience at Progressive Physical Therapy was very good. After my knee surgery, I could not do very much and now I am back to being able to do a lot of my daily activities. I can walk, bike, and go up and down stairs with no pain or any trouble.

    Madisyn P, Columbus Patient

  • I came to Progressive Physical Therapy because I was experiencing back pain. My back pain was preventing me to do the things I love, like running and playing soccer. Since I started physical therapy I am able to do things I had trouble doing before. Being in therapy with Erin has given me tools that I can use later when I am doing the things I love to do daily.

    Haley B, Greensburg Patient

  • My experience here was great! Everyone was super nice and made each appointment fun! Before I started therapy, I had trouble walking long distances, running, and other everyday activities. Now I can do my regular activities without any problems.

    Emma M, Greensburg Patient

  • The first thing I want to say is how much I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me to help me in my rehabilitation. I was a little nervous at first, but everyone was so nice and friendly which made therapy easier.

    Before I started coming to therapy, I had bad pain in the heel of my left foot almost to the point that I could not do my job at work, or even the simplest things at home like cleaning, mowing grass, and driving. But now my foot feels much better. I am walking better and doing much better at work and home!

    If I ever need physical therapy again, I will ask to be referred to Progressive Physical Therapy. I could not have asked for better physical therapy. You guys are #1 in my book!

    Susan W, Seymour Patient

  • I came in for the first time in December 2016 with what they thought was just a knee sprain. Erin worked with me and it was very hard. I ended up having a torn meniscus and ACL. I had surgery on December 23, 2017 and was back to Progressive Physical Therapy 2 weeks later. The staff was very encouraging for me. Erin pushed me to want to get better as I pushed as hard as I could. Not walking for six weeks then being able to put the crutches down and walk normal showed me that my hard work paid off. I truly love the staff here and I am back to normal now. Thank you again!

    Vicci, Greensburg Patient

  • Having gone here for both shoulder and knee has been a great experience. Both Erin and Mark are great and helped me achieve doing chores around the house with little pain. The one great thing was when I could do my hair and get dressed with little pain. I would recommend Progressive Physical Therapy and have already. Even Sherry is ok Thanks for everything!

    Linda Sue, Greensburg Patient

  • Erin & Mark have helped me recover to the point where I can run again. This was an activity that I never thought I would be able to do again. All these folks are very helpful and actually care about an individual’s therapy. Thank you guys all so much for your help in continuing my dream of eventually running an “IRON MAN”!

    Josef, Greensburg Patient

  • Erin & Mark have helped me greatly improve my range of motion in my knee. I am now able to go up and down stairs with minimal pain. I am also able to walk quicker and cover greater distances. I now am able to bend my knee far enough to kneel on the floor.
    Thank you for all of your guidance and assistance!

    Donna, Greensburg Patient

  • After falling out of a tree, I arrived at Progressive Physical Therapy using a walker to walk, unable to turn a door knob or turn a key to start my car. While lying on my back, I was unable to lift my right leg. From my fall, I had broken my pelvis in several locations, broke an arm, a rib, and my nose. I had a concussion too.
    The staff at Progressive Physical Therapy worked with me to where I can regain every aspect of my life including being able to again run the basketball court officiating high school varsity contests pain free. The progress did not happen overnight, but by following the instructions of the staff, I can do 100% of everything that I could do prior to my accident.

    Tim, Seymour Patient

  • Thanks to Progressive Physical Therapy I have a “Double Success Story”. Left knee replacement October 24, 2016. Right knee replacement December 12, 2016. After each of my surgeries Jessica and staff were so helpful, kind, and encouraging. Jessica planned the exercises and helped me do them…. some were difficult as I was in pain. I faithfully did the exercises at home too.
    Today I am walking well. I have overcome my uneven walking gait. Yeah for me! My lifestyle is progressing for the better because of Progressive Physical Therapy. I am excited for my future. Thank you to Jessica and staff for helping me get my life back!

    Theresa, Seymour Patient

  • Thank you to the staff of Progressive Physical Therapy!!!!!
    They are wonderful to work with. I had a lot of pain and we worked through it together. I could not have done it without them. They answered all my questions and still smiled whether I was in a good mood or a lot of pain.
    And when they say to do your exercises…….DO THEM!
    P.S. They love crescent rolls from Linzy B’s! Thanks!

    Greg R, Seymour Patient

  • The staff at Progressive Physical Therapy was very helpful with helping me reach my goals after having rotator cuff surgery. It was a 6 month journey, but I reached far more in movement and strength than I ever thought possible.
    I want to continue to improve on movement and with the directions that Jessica has provided; I feel that goal will be possible.
    A special thanks to Jessica, Mark, Taryn, and Belinda for your help, and to the rest of the staff for working with my busy schedule.

    Cindy, Seymour Patient

  • I had just gone through two surgeries. After the surgeries, I had physical therapy here. They have done a wonderful job of working with me in every way they could. Dawn & Mark were the best therapists that I have ever met! If it was not for them helping me, I would not have been able to do it on my own. If I ever need physical therapy again, I would like to do it at Progressive Physical Therapy.

    Steve, Columbus Patient

  • Because of physical therapy here at Progressive Physical Therapy, I can ride in my car, walk up and down stairs, and lift heavier objects without pain. Taryn and Mark were patient and encouraging throughout my therapy. They listened and responded to my concerns.
    I have already recommended Progressive Physical Therapy to a family member and I will continue to recommend it to others for their therapy needs.

    Diane, Columbus Patient

  • My experience with Progressive Physical Therapy has been fantastic. They are so caring and considerate. After the surgery on my arm, I had difficulty doing almost everything. But after completing my physical therapy with Progressive Physical Therapy, I am almost completely back to normal. Thank you so much Dawn, Mark, Belinda, and Ashley!

    Crystal, Columbus Patient

  • Before physical therapy I could not do my job without pain. I was in a sling for a while and could only lift minimal weight with my right arm. Today I can perform my everyday activities almost free of pain. I have also improved my range of motion in my right arm. Thanks to Dawn, Mark, and others I will be able to continue my therapy at home and will be able to continue to make progress. Thank you!

    Chloe, Columbus Patient

  • After having knee surgery, I was not able to do daily activities like walking long distances, bending, and squatting. Being an active Mom of 3 kids, I wanted to get back to enjoying active time with them as well as returning to work.
    Once I started at Progressive Physical Therapy, Dawn, Mark, and Taryn immediately started me on strengthening activities to improve my knee. They also gave me excellent activities to do at home. After several weeks of therapy, I could return to work as well as be active with my kids. I recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to anyone that wants results. The staff is all friendly, considerate, caring and very knowledgeable. If I need therapy in the future, I know to come to Progressive Physical Therapy.

    Carey, Columbus Patient

  • Dear Jessica,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. Without your help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I remember the first day I came into this facility. I hurt so badly, but you always encouraged me to keep going. So, I did. Today, February 3rd, I am doing my last session with 100% success. Also, when I get my other knee replaced you can count on me to come back to this facility for my therapy with you, Jessica. I also want to thank the friendly staff here as well.
    Thank you, Jessica! You are the best! I really enjoyed the hours you spent helping me. You are a very caring person.

    Maria, Seymour Patient

  • Because of physical therapy I can enjoy a normal life again! I am able to cook, clean, brush my teeth, care for myself, and turn the pages of the newspaper or one of my favorite magazines without pain.

    Everyone here at Progressive has been outstanding with their care and treatment, almost to the point of making it fun! I have been a patient here off and on for 15 years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

    Nancy, Columbus Patient

  • I came to Progressive Physical Therapy for therapy on my knees. I had trouble walking and getting up and down stairs. I felt very comfortable working with Erin and Mark. I was surprised how much they were dedicated to my physical therapy!
    At the end of my therapy, I was able to walk and use stairs. Erin and Mark also answered all of my questions. Progressive Physical Therapy is a great place to go for physical therapy. Staff was EXCELLENT!

    John, Greensburg Patient

  • I can now sleep longer as my left side/arm does not go numb anymore.  I also can lift heavier weights without pain.  I learned how to use most of the clinic’s exercise machines/equipment including the “sled” and on a good note it did help strengthen my back.  I now include most of my physical therapy exercises in my daily routine and they have all helped and continue helping!  My experience at Progressive Physical Therapy has been great!  They have a very helpful and friendly staff.

    Regina, Greensburg Patient

  • Because of physical therapy, I am able to resume my “power walking” and walking my dog. I could also resume wrestling with my grandsons (ages 4 ½ and 2 ½), but I probably won’t! Thank you Dawn and Mark for your expertise and patience! And thank you Ashley for your kindness!

    Jane, Columbus Patient

  • I am thrilled with the results of my physical therapy. I came three days a week to a friendly, helpful, and kind staff. The staff made me feel like I was at home. My knee is fantastic now. I have resumed all my activities.  Feeling so great is awesome. I would recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to anyone needing their services. Not only did the physical parts of me improve, but also my mental aspects. Life is wonderful! It’s all due to Progressive Physical Therapy.

    Sandy, Seymour Patient

  • I have been instructed & encouraged toward my goals of increased strength, stability, and flexibility. The program has helped me establish the correct routine. Dawn has been a consistent encouragement. She listens and observes carefully. She’s very good at what she does!

    Fred, Columbus Patient

  • I’ve always had great results with Progressive Physical Therapy. That is why I requested them following my latest accident. They treat you more like a friend with an injury instead of a name and account number and just go through the motions. Jessica is always concerned with my pain & progress and adjusts my therapy for the best results. You can tell that she is truly concerned about my progress and not just fulfilling a script. I highly recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. This is my second script for therapy with them and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

    David, Seymour Patient

  • When I went to my orthopedic doctor, I had back pain whether walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. He recommended physical therapy and I agreed whole-heartedly because I do NOT want any surgery if there is an alternative. My therapist started me with stretching and some gentle exercises. Sometimes I had ultrasound treatments or muscle massage which helped tremendously. I also was given stretches and exercises I could do at home and I did them daily, missing very few days. I noticed some slight improvement quickly and can remember at about 10 weeks saying “will I ever be without pain?” However, my therapist assured me that was her goal and she kept working with me, increasing what I was doing and making adjustments to my plan as we went along. At each interval doctor visit I was able to increase the percentage of improvement I was experiencing. I have had some abdominal surgeries and was surprised that my therapist found ways for me to strengthen my core muscles but avoided exceeding my abdominal limitations. I have finished 18 weeks of Physical Therapy with Dawn Bolte and I couldn’t be happier. I am thrilled to say that I’m 85 to 95 percent pain free. I plan to continue my home plan to keep my back pain in remission. My therapist was always helpful, cheerful, accepting of any input I gave her, encouraging and had a quiet resolve to get me better. I am glad I stuck it out and the determination has paid a great dividend. I can now live my daily life (even playing golf) without suffering with back pain or using pain pills.

    Columbus Patient

  • My experience at Progressive Physical Therapy…well at first I thought I was being punished. I went everyday for 2 hours and I really didn’t want to go. I was angry, but now I wish I had more time here. I mean my confidence in carrying things has improved, my strength has improved, and my knowledge has improved. I feel like my lifestyle will change since I came here. The people here know what they are doing and are pleasant to be around.

    Kristina, Greensburg Clinic Work Conditioning Patient

  • A few days after surgery I had little movement in my left arm. With the help of Jessica I’m able to get much more flexibility from my arm due to therapy and exercises. I’m happy to say 2 ½ weeks later, I am able to return to work and get my life back to normal. Thanks to the entire staff at Progressive Physical Therapy for their help.

    Kevin, Seymour Patient

  • I started out thinking that therapy could not help me, that surgery was the only thing that could help. But after starting therapy, I soon realized that it helped me and I will keep up with my program.

    Robert, Greensburg Patient

  • When I first started coming to therapy, I was unable to do any lifting, chores around the house, work, or even walk very well. My experience here at Progressive Physical Therapy has changed all of that. They really listened to what my needs and concerns were and helped me get back to my everyday life. I have also been made more aware of how to carry myself to help keep me from re-injuring or just hurting myself. I have had a good experience for something that was not a good situation for me to have had to gone through.

    Jennifer, Columbus Patient

  • I was very satisfied with my recovery therapy from rotator cuff surgery at Progressive Physical Therapy. The staff and Physical Therapists were professional and did a great job of helping me plan a schedule that met my abilities and desire for a total recovery. My Surgeon and Physical Therapist have teamed to help me recover from what had been a major physical issue in my life. Best Regards.

    Fred, Columbus Patient

  • This physical therapy was following my back surgery. I know that I still have a ways to go, but I feel the best right now since my initial accident happened 9 years & 17 surgeries ago. My pain level has been greatly reduced, not only in my back but also in both legs. My severe limp has been reduced to almost completely gone. I have been to many PT programs over the years following surgeries, but this is the first time I have gotten positive results. I had pretty much given up hope of getting better and found it difficult to try another PT program, but I have had such good results with Progressive Physical Therapy that I’m anxious to continue therapy and try to gain further improvement. I am 200% happy with the results I have obtained and I am forever thankful to Progressive Physical Therapy and Taryn for helping me get these results.

    David, Seymour Patient

  • I cannot believe the difference therapy has made in my life! When I first started, my strength and range of motion were horrible. Everything has improved so much. My energy level has increased. The staff is wonderful. They give each patient the same wonderful care. I am so happy that my doctor sent me to Progressive Physical Therapy.

    Ruby Carol, Seymour Patient

  • Following rotator cuff surgery on September 2, 2010, Dawn has systematically helped me regain my range of motion and has helped with my mind set to return to working on upper body issues with my trainer at the gym. At age 72, I anticipate returning to Progressive Physical Therapy for a third round of sessions dealing with congenital issues aggravated by the aging process…!

    Louis, Columbus Patient