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Columbus Patient

When I went to my orthopedic doctor, I had back pain whether walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. He recommended physical therapy and I agreed whole-heartedly because I do NOT want any surgery if there is an alternative. My therapist started me with stretching and some gentle exercises. Sometimes I had ultrasound treatments or muscle massage which helped tremendously. I also was given stretches and exercises I could do at home and I did them daily, missing very few days. I noticed some slight improvement quickly and can remember at about 10 weeks saying “will I ever be without pain?” However, my therapist assured me that was her goal and she kept working with me, increasing what I was doing and making adjustments to my plan as we went along. At each interval doctor visit I was able to increase the percentage of improvement I was experiencing. I have had some abdominal surgeries and was surprised that my therapist found ways for me to strengthen my core muscles but avoided exceeding my abdominal limitations. I have finished 18 weeks of Physical Therapy with Dawn Bolte and I couldn’t be happier. I am thrilled to say that I’m 85 to 95 percent pain free. I plan to continue my home plan to keep my back pain in remission. My therapist was always helpful, cheerful, accepting of any input I gave her, encouraging and had a quiet resolve to get me better. I am glad I stuck it out and the determination has paid a great dividend. I can now live my daily life (even playing golf) without suffering with back pain or using pain pills.