Work Injury Prevention

Through our revolutionary system of ergonomic injury prevention and work safe training, Progressive Work Solutions work with clients in reducing the TOTAL DOLLARS SPENT on injuries in the work place.

Progressive’s therapists work with physicians, employers, case managers, and insurances to coordinate evidence-based care and management of injured workers to ensure successful and prompt return to work and case closure.

Progressive Work Solutions helps industries of every size regain their valuable human resources in a timely, cost-effective manner.  Under our guidance, employees learn skills in workplace management, injury prevention, and injury care management.  The Key is INJURY PREVENTION!

Specialized Injury Services

The following specialized services are offered at our Progressive Physical Therapy clinics:

Work Conditioning

  • The Progressive Work Solutions Work Conditioning is a treatment program designed to restore and individual’s physical strength and functional capacity for safe return to work. An individual assessment is performed and a customized full body conditioning program specific to the individual’s return to work goals is designed. These customized programs are performed for 2-5 hours a day for up to 5 days a week to simulate work demands and to combat deconditioning that occurs when the injured worker has been off work or on light duty.

Functional Capacity Assessments/Evaluations

  • The Progressive Work Solutions FCA/FCE is an objective assessment of an individual’s current functional ability level. FCAs/FCEs are appropriate for post-injury management and return-to-work decisions. FCAs/FCEs can be used to see if an individual can meet the physical requirements of a specific job or disability ratings.

Work Injury Prevention & Management

A physical therapist will come to your facility and interview employees and supervisors. Following the interviews, the physical therapist will observe employees performing their jobs and then collect relevant data. This information is integrated to develop and implement the following cost saving injury prevention programs:

Job Function Analysis

  • Our Job Function Analysis (JFA) work is a comprehensive, objective and structured process of evaluating the physical aspects of the tasks performed for a targeted job position. The Job Function Analysis (JFA) process objectively quantifies measures and categorizes the active components of the job, including required movements, forces, weights and postures. The data from the Job Function Analysis (JFA) can then be used in the development of a Job Function Description™ (JFD), job-related functional testing, ergonomic modifications and education or training programs.

Job Function DescriptionTM

  • We will generate a written Job Function Description™ (JFD) following the onsite Job Function Analysis (JFA). The  Job Function Description™ (JFD) documents the job functions or tasks with specific physical demands of the jobs. The validation process for a  Job Function Description™ (JFD) allows the development of a Job Function Test™ (JFT). The validation process requires a select group of employees, who are familiar with the targeted job position, review the  Job Function Description™ (JFD) and sign a validation document. The validation process then supports EEOC and ADA requirements for the development of a job-related testing process for both return-to-work testing and for post-offer job-related testing of new hires. The  Job Function Description™ (JFD) also assists in accurate return-to-work decisions involving work restrictions or job modifications.

Job Function TestTM

  • We base a job-related placement test or Job Function Test™ (JFT) on a validated Job Function Description™ (JFD). It assists in management of return-to-work cases to compare the team member’s current functional abilities with the required physical job demands. This aids the healthcare professional and management in making objective return-to-work decisions, and in developing effective treatment programs.

Post-Offer and Pre-Work Screens

  • Prior to job placement during the hiring process, we use the Job Function Test™ to determine the job applicant’s functional ability to perform the proposed job. Upon completion of the screening, we inform the employer if the applicant passed or failed the screen. The Post-Offer or Pre-Work Screen complies with the current ADA law and regulations as set forth by the EEOC.

Job Function Matching® in Return-to Work-Process

  • To eliminate or reduce lost time, the Job Function Matching® can indicate which tasks have to be eliminated or modified temporarily. As healing or treatment progresses, ongoing matching can upgrade the worker until he is back at full duty.

Preventive Early Intervention

  • We will work with employees and identify symptoms of fatigue and discomfort prior to becoming a recordable event. We can make recommendations for administrative controls or first aid remedies. We will follow up with the employee reporting symptoms.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment and Recommendations

  • From on-the-floor observations of employees, we can identify risk factors and recommend best controls to address the areas of concern.

Job Transfer

  • When a worker changes from one job to another, the Job Function Test™ can objectively identify if the individual has the physical abilities to perform the job tasks. This assists the decision-making process for both the worker and the employer.

Customized Employee Training and Education

  • Data obtained during the Job Function Analysis (JFA) process can improve education and training programs to assure both new hires and existing employees have the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs safely and efficiently, including stretching programs and education in body mechanics.

Fitness and Conditioning

  • We can design programs to increase flexibility, strength and endurance to minimize injury risks.

Job Coaching

  • As an employee is transitioned back into production, we can monitor and coach the employee on proper body mechanics and preferred work methods for reduction of re-injury.

Disability Management

  • Adding measured work ability information to traditional disability evaluations improves clarity regarding the ability to work. Return-to-work is the goal of many disability cases and this brings relevance and objectivity to the decision making process.

Functional Capacity Assessments/Evaluations

  • When an employee cannot return to work, we can use the FCA information to decide what the team member can do, and consider other jobs or reasonable accommodations. When an employee cannot do any work in the company due to physical limitations, the FCA information may be used to objectively help management and the company physician with making decisions fairly and legally.

Outcome Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

  • We will continually assist you in identifying the outcome variables needing to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Measurement of change in injury rate, lost time, restricted time, medical cost, disability, and productivity will allow us all to determine the impact of the Functional Ergonomics and Return to Work Programs and to target areas that can be improved further.
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